H4Research is a start-up company that combines sheer scientific lab pursuit with the development of innovative solutions for robotics, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering and environmental engineering. H4Research was born as a merger of decade-long experiences in technical-scientific and strategy management sectors. Our hallmark is the development of neural networks, powerful mathematical tools applicable to numberless fields, to which we add the capacity for dedicated training processes, aimed at identifying specific targets in many different spheres such as, robotics and control systems, alarm and security systems, land monitoring, resources management, social behavior analysis. We know for a fact that the capacity for integration and synthesis is one each of our core BU’s are a major added value to the possible implementation of both technical and process-organisation solutions various and manifold application fields.

As an emerging international innovative firm, H4R pledges to lead by example, maintaining and reinforcing a world class ethical practice and an unwavering culture of excellence.

We pride ourselves in our reputation and keep a scrupulous regard for high standards of personal conduct and integrity. H4R is built upon the principles of fair dealings and ethical conduct and we adhere to careful observation of all applicable laws and regulations.

Ethical conduct is fundamental to how we do business and reinforces our core values which shape our culture and define the character of the company. Ethics also guide how we behave and make decisions at all levels of the company: from officers, to directors, employees, representatives and agents of H4R.

Corporate Responsibility isn’t just about donating money to charity or not printing a report or switching off the lights. It’s about cultivating relationships with staff, clients, vendors and other interested parties, encouraging team work for creating a long-term commitment to people and the world around us.

Interconnection vision and key technologies

Providing a high-level collaboration with flexible processes and high quality interconnect solutions