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Selected Works

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in
high-end technological solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Problem complexity increases with system developments and AI key contribution provides us with original, experience based, real-time solutions, featuring reliability, creativity and safety.

Technology Integration

With years of software and hardware expertise with or without AI on-board, we are highly proficient in making robots, computers, satellites, etc. dialog, to share information, exchange targets and modify missions in real-time.

Aerospace Service

From client’s specification to data handling, we cover all design and development: satellite of different sizes, space rated subsystems such as OBC, EPS, ADCS and antenna, ground control stations and mission profiles.


We design chips as well as software and provide integration and testing, because a primary client’s need is project evolution safety: we are a single interlocutor and anything we design takes into account client’s peculiar features.


Innovating medical care and making recovery process sustainable in term of costs, times and efforts mean to design solutions at the interface of biology, medicine and engineering.

Enviromental Engineering

A peculiar feature of our approach to environmental engineering is the blending of specific knowledges coming from various disciplines, such as space, robotics, big data and Artificial Intelligence.

Products and prototypes denoted by high technological content

Only a Research and Development architecture with a trans-disciplinary approach like H4R’s can offer diversified technological solutions that solve complex issues within complex architectures.

Core R&D