Tailor-made overall solutions


Our equipment is made to prove to the Customer the possibility to better fit it in his business area or reference market.  It is difficult to know the details and needs of the single client in relation to the field of application and to the specific context. In our experience, even clients who work in the same market and have equal needs require the development of different solutions,that comply with their way of working. Any experienced client is usually unavailable to change the procedures and related aspects. Our solution is perfectly suited to the boundaries imposed by the customer. The purpose is to cut out a tailored project, based on the requests of the customer, through what we call “technological verticalization of the product”.


Manipulation and integration of multiple technologies to offer a system made of intelligent devices that are connected in real-time.

H4R can offer a trans-disciplinary  approach diversifing technological solutions that solve complex issues within complex architectures.

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