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Artificial Intelligence has transformed man’s interaction with technology, enabling computers to perceive, learn, choose, take initiative and make discoveries. Human abilities are enriched by machine ones, in a continuous succession of progress and integration. Problem complexity increases with system developments and AI key contribution provides us with original, experience based, real-time solutions, featuring reliability, creativity and safety.
H4R has developed a set of integrated technologies such as robots and satellites that share sensors, software, a dedicated IoT platform and proprietary algorythms, to express Artificial Intelligence at its highest grade.

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Within the AI domain we focus on..

The ability to shape system architecture to share information and purposes in real time, creating a robot and software team that actively participates to mission accomplishment.

Any system we produce can talk and work together with any previous existing system. This way routines and previous knowledges are saved.

Real time big data analytics is referred to the process of analysing large volume of data at the moment it is produced or used.

CNN can take in an input image, assign importance to various aspects or objects and differentiate one from the other: with a tailored training, they learn these filters and characteristics.

Developed solutions concern any possible scenario, from underwater, to land, to air, to space, involving devices that share systems and real time data.

IoT (Internet of Things) is generating new fields of application for sensors. They detect and respond to solicitations generated in any environment.

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the network edge, optimizing response times and bandwidth use.

The capacity to understand the situation, decide and take initiative according to reasons and motivation that are operated as one’s own and not as a product of external forces.

Monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation, to reduce failure probability and money loss.

A mission critical system covers topics like emergency backup, disaster recovery, security and is essential to the survival of a mission, operation or organization.


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