H4Research focuses on Man as the center of any Technological Project. Like Artisans of Innovation, our goal is to conceive, design and implement Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We develop tools at the service of Man, to innovate, protect the environment and improve living conditions.
The progress of knowledge can not and should not replace the ability of Man to perceive and live within his own ecosystem.

H4Research’s decade-long know-how in every field that is relevant to our company, along with its transdisciplinary approach, fully justify the company’s ambitions for an adequate placement within the traditional business models. Being an innovative market agent, H4Research well represents a synthesis between an applied research laboratory that was constantly interfacing with national as well as international research centers and other similar companies. Developing synergies with Partners is crucial to apply projects within robotics, artificial intelligence and neural networks to manifold sectors such as engineering industry and sustainable development.

To achieve the objectives of development and market positioning and to ensure balanced and functional growth, H4R is looking for Partners like business angels, venture capitalists, private equity companies and partner companies, within the same supply chain , who aim to support the process of growth and consolidation of the technological package available to the company.

Looking beyond

We don't adapt We change the game