VEGA-C launches Italian ALPHA by the end of 2020

At the end of 2020, on the occasion of the first launch of VEGA-C, the most powerful version of the Italian rocket Avio, H4Research, in partnership with Arca Dynamix, NPC Spacemind, GP Advanced Projects and the National Research Council (Cnr) will launch nanosatellite ALPHA.
NEXT – Systems Engineering, will be responsible for the ground segment and Cybera company, for cyber security segment.
The launch will be an opportunity to demonstrate the Italian ability to create an entire value chain in a sector of primary importance, such as space, to allow a strategic positioning of Italy in the international geopolitical framework, as well as to maintain a predominant role in the field. Earth observation, telecommunications, cyber security and all related services. The project will allow, in the context of the “Country System”, to involve not only the world of research, thanks to the participation of the CNR, also start-ups and SMEs, and thus to enhance, in Italy, highly technological Italian research projects and development born from the ingenuity of young Italian entrepreneurs.