Aquax project addresses the needs of Italian and international water management companies to easily and cost effectively detect organic waste water inlet inside any lakes basin and river. Aquax utilises unique AI augmented aerial, land, water surface and underwater robots jointly to SatEO and SatCom techniques to survey water bodies and provide simple interpretations of complex information on water quality state.
The Aquax business opportunity comes from its ability to provide users of an advance Integrated AI Augmented Aerial Technology which is capable to survey, detect and analyse a large scale portion of water bodies and can upgrade significantly – due to reduced cost impact of this service – the capabilities of the users itself to create a standardization of the procedures of environmental monitoring. The final scope is to supply the Aquax Technology and provide a service to the public/private Entities who are involved in water management business.



Involved technologies

Air, land, suface and underwater robots
Satellite images from Copernicus Sentinel Galileo
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics swarming

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